The Summer Plan


I’ve arrived at the end of my second year at University and summer has arrived and it’s getting a part-time job, finish Broken Piano, start a weekly chapter edit of Date of Death, and begin my dissertation and next screenplay. I’m going to be busy to say the least!

There is also potential for a comic/manga being done, but this is still only an idea, as I’ve only just begun communicating with an illustrator. But it’s something I’ve wanted to do for the last few years since my infatuation anime and manga.

To begin with, I’m going to be making a checklist for the summer, and a rough deadline guide. I’m the kind of person that works better with a goal to work towards.

So here’s my plan:

  • Broken Piano to be finalised and finished for the 30th of June
  • Upon finishing the script, start from Chp 1 of Date of Death, and begin editing. No set deadline (there are over 20 chapters, so no point in rushing)
  • Begin defining and researching my dissertation
  • Begin researching and planning for the screenplay



  • By the end of the summer, and the beginning of semester at the start of September, I want to have planned and plotted the new screenplay
  • To have defined and acquired at least 25 research resources for my dissertation
  • Edited at least half of the novel
  • Be searching for competitions to submit Broken Piano into


As well as the creative goals, I have a few other things to do this summer. The main one being going to Skye! Every year I go for a music course there for a week, and it’s one of the most creative environments that I’ve ever been. So expect an update from there!

As well as that, I have work experience at the production company Films @ 59, where I will be a runner for a week. This I’m particularly looking forward to as my other filmic interest lies in sound design. But that’s for another time!

That’s my plan for the summer. It’ll most likely be changed and adapted, but sticking to a plan-of-action can really help your productivity. It does for me at least!


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