The Fantasy of Writing and Escapism


Over the next few blogs, I’ll be talking about why I write, and the instigation and influence behind my current projects.

I stated on my ‘About’ page that since I was young I’ve read considerable amounts of fantasy and adventure. One of the reason being is that it served as an escape. From the first day of school and over the next few years, I didn’t have a great social life, and didn’t get on well with people, and I escaped reality through the adventures dictated by Philip Reeve, Philip Pullman, Stewart and Riddle, Terry Pratchet and Michelle Paver, to name a few.

I found the same escape with films, which led me to eventually studying Film at Falmouth University.


I want to supply an escape for the people that need it.

Everyone likes to escape with a good book or film, but some people need it to get through their day-to-day life. I like to think that one day my writing will help people, and people will enjoy what I write and the adventures I create. 

I want to focus mainly on high concept fantasy, as well as fantasy-drama, and I may dapple in sci-fi too as I love steampunk and all things interstellar and planetary.

I think right now, I’m most influenced by Makoto Shinkai who directed and wrote anime films such as Garden of Words, 5 Centimetres Per Second and Children Who Chase Lost Voices. Miyazaki and Ghibli is also a large influence. What I love is the way that they use fantasy as a normality, use high concept ideas, but make them imediately interpretable to the audience. There doesn’t need to be an explanation on how the world works, it’s all done through the action and dialogue, but not explained through talking-heads (character monologues that exist to inform the spectator of something). The understanding that Shinkai and Miyazaki have of the worlds they create means that their storytelling is remarkable, and perhaps why their films are so critically acclaimed.

The same analysis can be applied to novelists such as Tolkien, Rowling, R. Martin, and Paolini, who also deal with highly conceptualised worlds. They have spun their magic and characters over time to create series of books that wouldn’t be as effective in pulling the audience away from reality, if they hadn’t spent the time building and crafting the concepts with an incredulous amount of detail. Their understanding of the worlds they’ve created, allows the reader or spectator to emerge themselves in them.

I stated in my last blog that I’ve got a number of projects in the works. One of the screenplays, and the comic will be taking place in a conceptualised fantasy, and I’m in the process of working out the rules and laws of that world, and how it functions along side reality. It’s a practice that I’m enjoying an incredible amount!

As well as that, I hope to develop a series of feature films that exist in a different high concept fantasy. And on a scale to match Tolkien’s Middle Earth or Paolini’s Alagaesia. It is a behemoth task, but I think that I’ll get there one day.

This is what drives me to write every day, read every day, and watch something every day. 

I’ll soon talk about the concept I’m developing that will be the grounds for the comic and the screenplay!

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