Midnight Mindstorms

I had one of my favourite experiences last night!

This blog will be a touch more casual than the others, as it’s rather spontaneous!

Last night as I progressed through the steps to fall asleep – finding that comfortable position between the pillows, mulling over the events of the day, watching car lights filter through the blinds as they passed outside, and that final brief motivational thought to send you to sleep and to wake up the next day ready to write – I found myself thinking about my next feature film and the narrative. I had a few vague ideas about what I wanted for it, but my thoughts found a stream which I was swept along on and ended up back on my Mac at 1:30AM making notes so that when I woke up the next morning I didn’t forget.

There is a specific way that I cope with this sudden burst of ideas.

Whilst it’s easy just to note down the random things that come into your head as they bob to the surface of the ‘night mind’, it’s incredibly easy to not be able to follow or find that same train of though the next day.

In the past, I’ve had this same burst of inspiration late at night and made a few brief notes before sleeping. However upon waking and reading them, it’s taken several hours or even a few days to once again find that train of thought and pick it up again. So to combat this, rather than noting down plot points, character traits and locations and such, I put down question.

By asking questions, I find it far easier to work out what kind of narrative a film is going to be. For example the questions I might ask for a character may be as follows:

  • What kind of person are they at the start? And then at the end? How have they developed?
  • What kind of person are they? Reserved? Explorative? Why are they like this? What history have they had? Is it influenced by the people they are around or where they live?
  • Who do they look up to?
  • What inspires them?

These questions act as a breadcrumb trail back to where my mind drifted the night before, and I can start of right from where I drifted to sleep mid-way through the notes.

What ideas did I come up with last night? It shouldn’t be too long until I start to blog about the concept I’ve been creating, especially after last nights brainstorm…

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