Project name: ‘Souls’

I’ve had this in my pocket for a while now, and it was originally intended to be just a comic book series, but I thought since the world was already partly developed, I could use it for a screenplay as well!

Brief description:

Everyone is born with a Soul. But they actually live outside of our bodies, in an invisible world that runs parallel to ours. Souls have their own culture, individuality, and livelihood.

I wanted everything to propogate from the myths, legends and fantasies of Britain, and make use of the Gaelic language from Scotland and Ireland.

Souls directly influnece our core emotions: morality, desire, joy, fear, and wonder. Souls are by born and by nature kind and loving. There are many factors of a Soul and how they function that I will delve into another time. Humans cannot see Souls, but Souls can see us.

Also in the world of the Souls are Spirits: Bogals, Brownies, Kelpies, Fairies, Nucklevees and Sgiàls – the living form of nightmares and fear. There are many other creatures in this world, and all have their own traits.

Giants from the ancient age are worshipped as gods by the spirits, as they gave up their bodies to become the land and islands of Britain. Druids are the protectors in the Souls world, and guard the Giants who still live beneath the landscape and supply the lifeforce that the Spirits feed off. They protect from any evil Spirit or creature that might attempt to harm of awaken the Giants, which would result in the desctruction of the world.

This is the very basic core of the world I am creating.

The current task I am undertaking is setting out the rules for me to follow for when I write, and the construct the culture of every being that I am reimagening from the fables that I’m researching.



The reason why I’m going into so much detail is because I hope to use this world for other projects. I may even write a novel one day based in the imagined world. So by establishing the basic culture, mannerisms, character traits, locations, and magic of this world now, it establishes a continuity.

If I were to make it up as I go along, there is potential that those ideas could still be good, however they wouldn’t be as developed if I had sat down beforehand and fleshed out that idea. Furthermore, if I were to use an idea in another project, there may be errors with continuity as that idea may do something that wasn’t stated in the previous project, thus crumbling illusion that I’m attempting to draw the reader into.

I need to create the illusion that the world is fully fleshed out. Even if it means that I’ve not gone through every single thing and it is 100%, by having the basic elements down, and then alluding to some of those but not all of them, it can stull function as the readers will percieve it as a mystery, rather than a  mistake.



My workflow for this project currently consists of writing on cue cards. Whenever I come up with an idea, I write it down on a card in big words to make it clear.

I’m then sticking it up on my wall and organising them in catagories:

Being – For instance I might write ‘fairy’. Below that card I will have a series of cards that explain the nature, culture, and history of the fairy according do how I want it.

Location – A fictional city might be created, so I need to establish where it is, its relevance for existing in the Soul’s world, history, culture, and who lives there and why.

Macro Ideas – This is a section of cards where general ideas for plot might go, as well as quirks and concepts that make up the Soul’s world.

Rules – These are the backbone of the entire project. This is where I write a rule that cannot be broken when I’m writing, as it’s a rule that will carry throughout every project I might use this world for. These cards take the longest time to develop and make sure they’re not too strict, or too lax, otherwise it becomes more difficult to add and build outwards on the basically concieved world.



There is much work to be done, and over time I’ll reveal more details about the Soul’s world, and then begin working a narrative to accompany it.

I would like to say as well,

Everything I’m saying here is part of the learning process. I’m learning all the time about the right way to do things and organise myself. I may look back at this in a years time and be like “what the hell was I doing?!” 


That’s exactly why I’m doing it! This is just another entry into my creative diary!


      1. No problem at all. I love discovering new things and I try to give people a chance so I read through everything they’re writing and let me tell you, I stayed to read for only few people. And no matter what kind of comment you get don’t give up. Lol I sound pathetic as fudge but seriously keep working on it It will turn out to be amazing and all your hard work will pay off!


      2. Fudge is hardly a pathetic thing when it’s so delicious 😛 I honestly love and live to work, I can’t be doing with not doing anything! So advice heeded! And when people doubt me I only work harder to make sure to prove that I can do it! I’m in the very early stages of development for ‘Souls’ right now, but hopefully it’ll turn out to be something that people like!

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