130 Cards Down

I’m 130 cards into detailing the basics of Souls, and I’m feeling it might be time to go digital.

So far,

I’ve detailed the characteristics of the main beings that are included in the world: Giants, Fairies (6 different species), Sgàils, Druids, and Souls. I’ve described the way that they function in the world, the brief histories surrounding them, but only just enough for me to understand why they function in the way that they do.

The purpose for doing it on cards was so that I could see on a visual scale how much I’ve done and written. Now that I’ve got 130 cards in front of me, detailing the basics, I can move to the computer and start building the narrative for the film.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of research into how Tolkien created Middle Earth, and how long it took him and such. I know for a start that I could never go as far as he did with Middle Earth, because one of the core principles of his world is the language. Tolkien had a natural affinity to learning languages, and knew several himself, as well as created three in his teen years with his friends and family, each new one becoming more complex as he grew up. And then not to mention Elvish and all other languages included in the Middle Earth construct.

Though I have parents that speak three languages fluently, I am useless at learning and understanding languages. I struggled considerably with GCSE French, and could never retain the information. I do believe, however, that I can still work towards the depth of history and imagination that Tolkien put into his work, all 6000 years of it.

I know this will take time, and years of revisiting, devising and organising all of these ideas, but if I stick to it, maybe one day I’ll get there!

This being said about the language, and my lack of skill with it, I do still want to include Gaelic within the terminology of the world. I know people who are fluent in the language, and I’ve visited Sabhal Mòr Ostaig Gaelic College on Skye for several years, where they teach Gaelic and speak it regularily, and I’ve found someone willing to help with the project.

It’s a language I’ve admired since I was young, as it was taught at the schools I went to when I lived on the west coast of Scotland (and at the time I could apparently sing in Gaelic! When I could both learn a language and sing… I can barely do either now).



Right now, I’m working on the Gaelic terminology for the names of creatures and locations. I’m keeping it very basic for now.

When it comes to working on the narratives, I will do the appropriate research for it to make sure I say everything that I want to say and in the correct way.

I’ve decided that the feature film and comics won’t go into an incredible amount of detail and depth of the overarching history of the Souls world, as it’s far too early to do that. However, the stories I can write will aim to be entertaining, and slice-of-life, but with a fantastical twist.

The comics will mainly be looking at the growth of a Soul, and exactly how Souls function for a human, rather than looking a the mythological and fantastical side, and adventuring through that world.

The feature script will explore the supernatural beings considerably more, however the narrative will not be influenced by past events or the longstanding history of the world I hope to create; rather it will explore the capabilities and desires of the Fairies and Souls, and be about maintaining balance in the world, with suggestion as to why and how the world is kept in balance. There may be allusions to the past, and where creatures such as the Giants and Druids come from, but only if the narrative needs it. 

There is no point in adding things to the narrative if they are only there to flaunt. Story comes first. Story comes last. For me, in a script the colour comes from the way that it’s told in the structure, rather than how it’s told with fancy adjectives and metaphors, because these interfere with the action. A script talks action.

I believe part of the magic comes from the mystery of the unknown, and will draw the spectators and readers back to my world with future projects with the hope to find out more… that is if it ever comes off the ground.

(which I’m going to work hard to make happen)

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