Hello once again!

In this blog I’ll be updating you on my fantasy screenplay research, and the crossroads I’ve come to in making a decision for where to go next with my project!



There are still a few key elements that I have yet to research that I want included in my world. The two main things are song and dance. I’m going to incorporate these into multiple things, such as the use of magic, and festivals and tradition.

So far, I haven’t gone into too much depth of what I’ve done notes about. I’ve simply created the beings, and given them base characteristics. I’ve got a section on locations, general information, Gaelic-to-English translations, festivals, key-historical characters, and world rules.

When I’m satisfied with all of the categories and believe I have enough for the film plot, I’ll start fleshing them out digitally. However, this is where I come to my crossroad.


Choice Time

I’ve arrived at a point now with the world of Souls where I have to chose what path to take.

The first is whether to sit down and start the long history of Souls. I’m wanting to write it in phases, over several million years, as I’m wanting to go back to the very creation of the planet. If I started this now. I would be writing the main points in the history where it would influence the time in which the feature script is to be set.

However, I know this is going to take several years of work, and starting now would mean it would go incomplete by the time I come to writing the feature script.

On the other-hand, I could begin to write and plan the narrative of the feature script now. Since I have the basics of how the world works, and some kind of scope as to how the history is going to play out, I could write it now. The script doesn’t have an impact on the timeline, as it is only meant to show a small insignificant snippet of time. It doesn’t have a gargantuan affect on the Souls world.

Just writing this now has made me decide I’m going to start writing the feature film first. If I come to points where I need to understand more about the Soul’s world, I’ll set it aside and work on that, and then come back to it. However, like I’ve said in my earlier blogs, I don’t want to delve too much into the overarching timeline of Souls. The feature film will be a spotlighted incident where a Soul has simply explored further into the Spirits world than he should have and is facing consequences, but at the same time he learns more about the world that he exists in, and so does the spectator. That is the aim of the film.


is a force that I want to use in the narrative of the film. So as long as I stick to the rules and guidelines that I have set out for myself, I’ll be fine.

I was never a fan of history, but writing my own is just an irresistible challenge!


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