The Plotting Begins!

I literally couldn’t help myself, I had to start.

I currently work as a library assistant at  my University, and today I spent quite a bit of time behind the desk reading Robert Mckee’s Story, and felt the urge to write!

(For anyone just joining this series of blogs, it might be worth checking out my post Project Name: ‘Souls’, so you can understand what I’m babbling on about!)

So I brought out a small sticky notepad and started writing up beats.

I wrote whatever came to mind, starting from the beginning, and if I came up with something that didn’t belong to that part of the story, I put it in a separate pile and slotted it in later.

In an hour, I had written on about 35 little sticky notes and worked my way to the ‘end’ of the film. What I have so far is barely even a framework, and just a jumble of points leading from one to the next. There is a section which I currently have no idea how to do because I simple don’t know enough about the Souls world yet!

But, I have it. And over the summer I’ll be adding to it, leaving it to simmer, developing the world, and really make something good (I hope).

However there are some key things I’m keeping in mind that are important for the development of this film:

  • The target audience is any audience from 12+, perhaps even younger.
  • Don’t go too complex with the story, but explore the world I’m creating.
  • Follow the RULES, constantly look to the world wall, and be flexible to change! I need to allow myself and the world space to grow and be able to recognise aspects of it that might not be suitable or work with the film.
  • I don’t have to plan EVERYTHING. I’ve found in the past that my favourite and best characters have literally just appeared on the page. I love being organic with my writing, however this does have to be monitored and controlled to a certain extent.

What I love about literature is that you don’t just have to read it to be part of the adventure and escape, but writing it is also an adventure. During writing my novel, I was blown away by how the story took off on its own about half way through, and new characters introduced themselves and the already created ones developed their own characteristics and did what they needed to make the novel flow and work. Although I have yet to go through it all and see the actual result of that… but it felt right! And that’s what was important to me.

The only time I get stuck with writing is when I’m not feeling good about what I’m writing. Even if I’ve planned it out, and it makes the story work, if I don’t feel right about it and it feels jaunty, I stop, and leave it to simmer. I’ve ended up rambling again…

I’m going to leave it there for now. I think I’m going to start writing a line or two lines of poetry a day now too, just for the sake of it and practice.

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