Having been brought up and lived in and around sites that are directly linked to the Vikings, I think it’s only natural that I feel the need to want to write about them!

This is also a collaboration!

Matthew Sterling is a film student like me but moved away at the end of our 1st year to a different University. But we both still have a drive to excel and constantly be creating, as well as share a similar creative mindset. So this year we decided to see if we could collaborate on something. And guess what we both love?


But we have added a twist, which we’re still figuring out between us, and it’s a religious theme.

We want it to be a film aimed at young adults and upwards. One of those films that discusses religion in a subliminal manner. Like when you re-watch a film from your childhood and suddenly discover how rude or brutal or raunchy it is.

We want the ground tone of the film to be quite light and playful. We want to create a story of siblings who travel together to a destination that is based upon Norse religion, myths and legends.



I’ve wanted to collaborate on a script for a while now, and it has proven quite a challenge to find someone whom I can sync with to write one.

I’ve tried several times to collaborate on a script with some of my close friends. But despite the friendship, we work on completely different creative wavelengths.

But Matthew and I seem to work pretty well together so far! We’ve had several skype sessions discussing what themes we’d like to do, the kind of characters we want, and what we want to say with the film.

It’s still very early on in the process. We’re still drafting ideas and concepts for the story, and it’s a very slow process. The distance between us makes it quite difficult to hold onto the same train of thoughts for a long period of time and continuously work on it.


Being able to listen to one another’s ideas is crucial to our relationship as writers. If we are unable to listen to one another because we so strongly disagree with and idea or it’s not ‘mine’. Selfishness needs to be left in the trash.

Right now, both of us listen to one another completely. Consider one another’s ideas, and then think up alternative or alterations, or compliment on the idea and how it works. Maturity is an important element here.

We recently hit a wall with our idea, where we didn’t know how to fully flesh out the journey of our characters, because of the way we had built the narrative world. But today I came across an idea that I wasn’t entirely sure would work, but upon explaining it to Matthew, we developed it to a point where we are both much happier, and it has opened up  many different pathways for us to explore in the film. The next challenge is to choose which path to take!

This has only been an introduction to the project. Once the idea has been more developed and we have made some ground, I’ll be sure to inform you!




Souls is slowly advancing. I’ve been stuck with how to portray a part of the world so I’ve been researching dreams and daydreaming. I think I’ve just about made a breakthrough with it!

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