A change. A boom. A step.

A change.

Usually, I tend to wake up at around 7 each morning, and the go right back to sleep only to wake up an hour later feeling groggy and horrible. This morning, I woke up at half 6 and decided to get up for a change. And it was a CHANGE! By the time I left for work at quarter to 11. I had added around 1500 words to my research and read several chapters of three different books. I had networked for an hour on Stage 32 and Instagram, and I felt great.

Last night I watched Richard Boto’s webinar online at Stage 32 and learned so many things to do with industry and branding and such. He even got around to answering my question about how to get my name out there as a writer which was fantastic.

I’m going to be networking for at least an hour every day, reading the lounge and feeds on Stage 32, and going through Instagram and uploading, liking, and commenting to up my subscribers. I try and upload once a day now. But I don’t if nothing significant is happening or I can’t think of anything interesting.

I want to start to get to know more writers, and for them to know me, and for people to be interested in what I write and what I do. I know I’m in for the long-haul to get people to know me and show interest in my work, but I’m a patient man! I can work, and wait. I feel that eventually, I’ll get there.

Definitely getting up tomorrow to do more work!

A boom.

I always carry a moleskin skinny notebook on me. At all times. With a 0.5 nib black pen. I write my ideas for scripts and notes for existing ones. Today I filled in roughly 10 pages whilst at work. I had SO many idea’s and developments for Souls flying at me! I’ve come up with a few new sub-characters and backgrounds for them. I’ve developed the protagonist Tod and what he is like as a person, as well as what his parents are like and their history.

I’ve developed the protagonist Tod and what he is like as a person, as well as what his parents are like and their history.

I’ve also separated the magical creatures of Sprites into four different races; and described roughly what the trait of each is, and a brief cultural synopsis of them too. I’ve also furthered my notes on the existence of Trobha’s (Trolls) and how their culture functions.

I’ve also developed the natural realm of the secondary world and conceptualised new types of flora and fauna to act as the default in the parallel spirits world that live alongside the humans physical one. I’ve really cut myself out some work! Now, I have to detail all the different types of trees and plants I want, as well as lists of different kinds of spirit animals in the forms of fish, birds, reptiles and mammals, and perhaps some other type of creature I’m yet to imagine!

I’m so excited to start doing this!!!

A step.

I feel like I’ve really moved somewhere today. I’ve changed something in my life that I intend to continue that impacts my creativity and productivity massively.

The only thing I worry about now is how much wall space I have! I think it’s time to start digitising the different magical beings I’ve done, and leave wall space for the narrative when it comes to that. When profiles have been done of the creatures and condensed, I’ll pin them up on a wall as an omnipresent reminder of the secondary world I’m creating. I’ll do the same process with the locations, mythologies, and cultural areas of the world.

I’ve learned so much today. Today has been good. And it’s only just after 7pm!

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