New Now

I’ve been away for a while. 

I’ve been working, learning, writing, living, and being suspended in a place where all of this comes together and I’m taking some big steps in learning an amalgamation of things.

For seven years I’ve been going to Skye for a week on a music course, and every year I come back a different person.

This year, I discovered a new way to plan and brainstorm scene construction for my screenplays, and it’s worked marvellously! I’ll be getting around to explaining that at some point.

But this year there was something quite different: Me. Though I’ve been doing this for seven years, this was the first time that I saw the creative parallels in writing with the way that the music was taught.

We are taught the very basics of a tune, and we repeat it until we have it as a base. And then we tear it to pieces, put it back together, put “haggis” and dirt on it with musical graces and inflections to a point where it’s almost unrecognisable from the original, but full of character. We add chords and harmonies and people play with it, and it was only I realise that I’ve been doing the exact same with my writing for such a long time!

I thr0w words at the page for the base, and then I spend the next days, weeks, months or years adding my own “haggis”, inflections, personality, harmonies and chords to it. And like the tunes we learn, by the time it’s finished, it’s a completely different beast.



I’m very much still in a place where I’m figuring things out. There is a lot of conversation going on in my head and I’m channeling those thoughts onto paper.

A couple of weeks ago I did something I didn’t expect to do at all: I started writing a screenplay without any planning, research, or anything.

I had so much pent up energy and thoughts and literally just threw them down onto paper. I did 60 pages in three days. I haven’t read back through it.

The story goes along the lines of 11 adventurers sailing into a never ending storm with the aim to discover the centre and a supposed legendary island containing an unknown treasure.

I have no idea what I wrote. I was suspended in limbo the whole time I was writing it.

And I’m not finished either! Next time I get all knotted and tied I’m going to go back to it and continue it until I feel it’s finished, and who knows when that will be!



I’m going to leave it here for today, but I have so much to talk about in regards to how I’m going to be applying all my new experiences to my creativity and writing!


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