New Work

I’ve been working on a few new things. And trying to work on others…

I admit, I am often prone to taking on too much, and thinking I can do all of them and not factor in a job and working through daily things like eating and sleeping. Guilty verdict held.

BUT, I do have some solid things in the works that I am 100% about.



What I have open right now is a project I’ve been asked to do, and that is to write a friend his final year film.

We attempted a writing collaboration earlier this year on a feature film. However, part way into the planning I stood back and said

“Okay, I think this is a bit much. This is ambitious, and there is a lot of research needing doing which I don’t have time for at the moment.”

So we put it on the back-burner.

But he approached me later on and asked if I would write his final year film, and be his writer, and he, my director.  I agreed.

The film he asked me to write was not my kind of film…

He wanted dark, gritty, grounded, and psychologically attending to issues such as bullying. The films he sent me for inspiration left me dead and cold. Not gonna lie there.

So I thought “right, time to do some arm twisting”. 

In the spur of a moment I wrote an 11-page script about a girl who wakes from death and suffers from constant daydreams that act as nightmares. She woke with the tattoo of a compass that changes daily but always points in the same direction. Eventually, she follows it and finds the place she committed suicide, as well as the person she did it with. There she finds understanding the importance of living in-the-moment. She understands her second chance.

This is my kind of film now… more or less. A slightly fantastical twist, light in the dark, and finding the silver-lining.

It’s a mix of the themes and issues that the director wants, as well as a mix of mine. I sent it to him and I got a

“Right, okay, we can build on this”.

Good enough for me.

He gave me some of the aspects he liked about it, including scenes on a beach and the discussion had with her counsellor.

Today I finished the first draft of the new version, and I’m quite excited for him to read it!

On Saturday, I’m seeing the director in Bristol and we’ll go over it.

But I can quite gladly say I’ve written my first

Psychological thriller!

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