Dancing Through My Story

These last few months have been so insanely busy.

I wrote the first draft of ‘The Giant’s Share’ and edited it three times, to then completely scrap the story and plan and write another that I’m yet to type up in screenplay form.

I participated in the first round of NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Competition, and wrote a comedy, in a yoga studio, with a pair of latex gloves… it speaks for itself.

I got another job and work about 25 hours a week whilst managing my dissertation and screenplay.

I don’t quite know how I’m getting through, but it’s getting there!

As well as the work I’ve started planning the rest of my life… so next summer once I’ve handed in all my work I’m going to go to the Isle of Iona for the summer to work with a friend, and write another film! An escape to my favourite place I think will clear my head before I then move to


The plan there is to read as much as I can, write another two films, get a part-time job, play music in as many pubs and dance in as many ceilidhs as I can in a year. To spend time with my favourite people, in my favourite culture, in a beautiful city and country.

Then to Japan!

I’ll spend a year learning the language, learning the traditional culture of living, farming, working. I’ve admired Japan and its traditional culture for many years, and really want to understand it at its core.

The whole point of these next two years is to get life experience. I want to meet people to learn more about the world. I want to learn new skills that will not only be useful in life, but in my writing as well. I want to work myself out, know who I am, and find my colour and style of film.

I’ve decided I want to write films to teach people about humanity and life. Myth. Films that will teach people about themselves, to be better, and to see fantasy in everyday life.



Just a short blog today, and hopefully I’ll get around to doing more and update on the script and where it’s going. I’m hoping that when it’s finished I can submit it for competition and festivals!

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