A British/Italian brought up amidst castles and their fables in books and films. A romantic at heart, rooted in the culture of Scotland and their island communities, their music, and their lessons of life in stories.

I write the myths and fantasies of everyday life. I write to hopefully remind humanity that there can always be a bit more of it. I write what is entirely me. Dimples and all.

I graduated with a Film BA(Hons) from Falmouth University. My screenplay Rings of Eternity recieving a 1st, and all of my development and material for that script can be found on my blogs and on its content page!

I’m currently challenging myself with writing, exercising, reading, and working a part-time job in the city of Glasgow. I’m currently re-editing my Broken Piano script for competition entry, working on a Straight 8 competition film, and have my directorial debut short film being produced for August.



Notable Achievements

  • Second Rounder (top 20%) for the Austin Film Festival Drama Category.
    • This was the first feature I wrote when I was 20, to have it go so far in a world-class competition astounded me and was a turning point in my decision to pursue this as a career.
  • Second Rounder in the NYC Midnight competition.
    • Cut from 1400 writers to 240 from around the globe.
  • Graduation script ‘Rings of Eternity’ received a 1st.
    • All material and developmental blogs can be found on this site as well as a draft of the script and the attached ‘Creative Bible’ written.



Favourite Film: Treasure Planet

Favourite TV Series: Avatar Legend of Aang

Favourite Book Series: Mortal Engines

Favourite Place: Isle of Iona

Favourite Quote: “Be the type of person that when your feet hit the floor in the mornin’ the devil say’s, “aww shit.. they’re up”  – Dwayne Johnson (Not exactly your literary legend but this guy has an inspirational amount of motivation)