Broken Piano



Urban Fantasy, Drama, Romance


Comatose Isabella is brought back to life temporarily when introvert Tom plays piano, intertwining their complicated lives and opposed ambitions.


A broken piano and ushers a robustly beautiful, but brittle bond between teenagers Tom and Isabella who is trapped in a coma, but brought back to life temporarily when he plays. His living fairy-tale forces him to realise the detriments of his life and choose between living in the passive shadow of life, or to challenge himself to face change and fight for the one happiness in his life: music.



I have Frank Turner to thank for inspiring me to write this. On its release, I listened to his song Broken Piano continuously. He painted such a vivid picture in my head, and I connected with it in a way that’s quite different to what the song depicts.

Music is a massive part of my life, and alongside all the books I used to read, music served as part of my escapism from issues I dealt with, such as bullying, depression, self-doubt, and confidence. These were issues I never really talked about with anyone, and it was only until my final few years of a teenager that I did something about it.

Music brought out the best in me and put me in front of so many different challenges. And on my musical journey, I was never alone, because music had surrounded me with kind, loving, and inspiring people.

I hope that people connect and relate to this script as much as I do. I want people to believe that things do get better, no matter how things might seem.