When You Go – Mànran

A music video I was commisioned to write, produce and direct in the space of a week on a shoelace budget. This was my first film project after graduating university and pushed all of my creative and practical boundaries to put this film together with Samuel Hurt, DP and Editor, to produce a film for a highly recognised traditional folk group.




Whisky Distillery Tester Application

Write a 60 second bit, no talking, drink whisky, make it fun… I can do that.




During my second year at university, I trained and specialised in sound design. I have my own license and USB for access to ProTools 12, the industry standard software for sound designer, and I am experienced as a production recordist, boom operator, mixer, foley artist, and overall sound designer. For both of these films, I was given a 1st for my work as a sound designer.

We Are 

A Woman’s Touch





The first film that I wrote that was produced and co-directed was in my first year of university, an experimental narrative film about PTSD, that was selected and screened at the Winchester Film Festival for two awards, and screened at the Worcestershire Film Festival.

Door To The Past