A Guide to the Realms and Those Within

This is a small handbook that has grown from the development of the screenplay Rings of Eternity. 

Due to issues with the software, there are some sections of the book that have not formatted correctly when uploading to the final version, and as a result cost me far more than it should have originally… However!


The book is free to buy!

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The Backstory

During my research for the script, I discovered so many stories, myths, and creatures from Scottish and Celtic books that only have brief mentionings in the stories, and it fascinated me. I wanted to somehow make it my own and I spent months developing and adding to the myths and lore to fully develop a world of my own where it all comes together.

I believed to be able to fully explore the story I wanted to tell, I had to understand the society, cultures, histories and races of all these beings and magics from these books. Hundreds of notecards and tens of documents were created to catagorise, develop, and creature these things. There was so much information to process, and the first drafts of the script suffered from this.

The Purpose

To help me understand my own world, rules, logic, and the stories that I could tell within it I decided to work with an illustrator. This would force me to describe and convey all this information logically so that she could then understand and portray all this information in drawings.

I constantly referenced Mark J.P Wolf’s book on subcreation theory, and the elements and systems to construct for a world to be understood and to create the illusion of being fully formed and complete. For me to understand the story I wanted to tell, I needed to establish the rules, so along the way I didn’t defy my own logic and confuse myself, as well as the people who may read or watch the final story.

What it has resulted in is a small guide of the basic elements to the world, including case files of all the beings and creatures, the four realms, and how it all comes together to formulate a fantastical world.

From this book,  I can add to it and create any amount of stories. It will become my bible from which I can create my own literary universe. I mean I’m no Tolkien, I’ve never been good with foreign languages, never mind being able to invent or speak three by twenty years old. But, I’m taking my time, and I’ll get there. This book for me is a landmark.